Glass Electric Kettles

For sure we are leader of glass electric kettle manufacturing now

Warm Keeper Health Kettle ZDH-A15R1
KongFu Teapot ZCQ-A10Q1
Smart Health Kettle YSH-A15W6
Eco Smart Kettle YSH-A15E1
Multifunction Healthy Kettle YSH-B15T2
Electric Glass Multi Kettle YSH-C15F1
Smart Glass Teapot YSH-A15U6
Eco Smart Teapot YSH-A15G1
All in 1 Programmed Glass Kettle YSH-A18U2
Programmed Healthy Kettle YSH-C18B1
Programmed Glass Multi Kettle YSH-C18K5
Programmed Glass Teapot YSH-B18P1
Compact Health Kettle YSH-A08L5
Compact Smart Kettle YSH-A08U6
All in 1 Smart Glass Kettle YSH-B15R1
Mini Programmed Glass Kettle YSH-A08P3
ECO Smart Glass Teapot ZDH-A17G5
Smart Glass Water Boiler ZDH-A12N1
ECO Warm Keeper Boiler ZDH-A15F1
Electric Glass Kettle ZDH-A17L1

Tips for choosing a Good Glass Electric Kettle

  • Safety is always the top concern

  • Glass materials- has to be Borosilicate glass

  • Stainless steel, 304 or 316, 316 is better

  • No leakage is accepted, Joint between glass and base must 100% pass high level vacuum test.

  • Temperature control, 100% test 10 minutes water-less heating in factory.

  • Electric shock, electricity leakage protection, short circuit protection

  • Handle is strong enough to hold the kettle and prevent heat from the kettle.

About Bear Electric Appliance

Bear Electric Appliance Co., LTD is the leading manufacturer of glass electric kettles in China.

Bear's factories cover a total area of 230,000 square meters, 4 production bases, 52 production lines, plus 2 new factories under construction, all equipped with robots and automatic assembly lines. We have more than 3,000 staff, including 7 R&D teams with 150+ engineers.

Bear Electric Appliances has seized over 449 national patents and more than 100 products are developed every year. It has invested heavily in its R&D department as well it’s Design and Innovations department having to work with professionals from Denmark and South Korea to create a product appearance that combines functionality and fashion as well as giving the users a multi-level of experience of vision, perception, and taste. Bear Electric Appliances has won various awards ranging from the AWE Award to the German Red Dot Award.

As an ISO9001 certified supplier, Bear cooperates with both OEM/ODM customers and Bear distributors. Total 300+ SKUs comply to the standards CCC, CE, GS, IB, UL, NOM, SAA, CSA, FCC, etc. mainly sold to Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan, North America, Russia, CIS, and other 30 countries/regions around the world.